Trend Micro – What’s your PATCHING situation?

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”
- Michael Jordan, Greatest basketball player of all time by acclamation – NBA
Thousands of organisations have turned their pain point into an opportunity to solidify their system security. Read some of their testimonials below: -
“With the virtual patching rules in place, the protection is transparent and kept up to date automatically. It gives us real peace of mind that even zero-day threats are taken care of, before patches are available… it also protects us from legacy vulnerabilities—those that are not patchable or that the vendor will never fix. Deep Security discovers the holes and protects us until we can replace those older systems.”                                                                               – City in California
"… virtual patching is huge — it replaces a time-consuming process with an automated solution,”
- Mark Goldenberg, Director, Product Management, Savvis

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