An extension for Adobe Illustrator to specify dimension

Specees is an extension for Adobe Illustrator which helps you to ease the pain of making specifications on a layout document for your team / developers. It helps you to specify dimensions, fonts and color information of objects drawn in Adobe Illustrator. It supports specifying multiple objects at a time to boost the speed of the whole specification process.
Specees supports specifying dimensions of multiple objects with one click. It automatically presents you the dimensions in a tidy and organised way that saves you hours in making specification.
Specees not just let you specify multiple objects’ measurements, dimensions and styles for Adobe Illustrator at once, but also present them in a clean and organised way. When multiple objects are selected, Specees will spread overlapped dimensions over multi levels. And for style specification, objects with the same properties will be grouped together to make a clean look for your document.
Tired of checking measurements, drawing lines and typing text to specify width and height, or distance/difference between a group of objects? You can now specify objects dimensions in a whole document with just a few clicks!
You can select single or multiple objects in an Adobe Illustrator file to specify the width and height. Choose to display the dimension on the left or right to specify object(s) height, and/or choose to display the dimension on top or bottom to specify object(s) width. Click on the generate button to specify the dimension.
By switching on and off the icons on the “Types Column”, you can specify different type of dimensions:
• Selected object’s height and/or width
• Distance / Difference between objects:
When more than one object are selected, Specees can specify their distance or difference between them according to the following scenario:
• Distance
• Difference
• When more than 2 objects are selected, Specees will try to filter out less meaningful dimension and give the specification a much cleaner look.
• Selection’s height and/or width:
Only applicable when you select more than one object.
• Includes artborad in selection:
Add the Current artborad in the selection when specifying dimension.
• Specifies radius of round corners:
Specify the radius of round corners in selection. Only applicable to corners of a right angle.
You can also easily specify color and font style of multiple objects with one click. Specees will group the spec with the same properties together.
You can select single or multiple objects to specify the style properties of an object. The following properties are supported to specify in Specees:
• Filled color
• Stroke color
• Stroke weight
• Opacity (will only show it when it is below 100%)
• Filename of linked image
• Font family
• Font size
• Leading
When more than one object is selected, Specees will group those objects with exactly the same properties to display.

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